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January 16, 2012
Allatori Java Obfuscator version 4.0
New level of protection in the new 2012 year:
- completely new string encryption
- completely new control flow obfuscation
- added "version-marker" property
- added "extensive-flow-obfuscation" property
- added "string-encryption-version" property
- added "optimize" value to "local-variables-naming" property
- introduced annotations to configure string encryption and control flow obfuscation
 What Smardec is 

Smardec is a software development and information technology offshore outsourcing company. Located in Moscow, Russia, Smardec is ideally positioned to deliver high-quality software development services to our clients worldwide. We provide offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide since 1999.

Our solutions are not only cost-effective but also fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable. Our particular approach to working with our clients and to managing software development helps us deliver powerful, reliable software that does the job.

 What we do 

Our goal is to have our experience help you get success.
We offer the following design and software development services:

Offshore software development

System analysis and architecture

Custom software development

Distributed applications development
Enterprise applications development
Project recovery
Performance optimization
Quality assurance

Design services

Software localization
Product support

 Our Products 

Advanced Swing Components (ASC Suite)
Advanced Swing Components
Mouse Gestures
Mouse Gestures
IntelliJ IDEA plugins
IntelliJ IDEA plugins

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