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We have developed three IntelliJ IDEA plugins for internal usage, but they became very popular among our developers so we have released them to public. All plugins are open source software distributed under the terms of LGPL license.

IDEA Mouse Gestures

IDEA Mouse Gestures is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin for enabling mouse gestures in IDE. You will have a fast way to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars. You just hold down a mouse button and move the mouse in a certain predefined way. It is configurable from the IDEA's settings dialog.

The plugin uses Mouse Gestures library for recognition and processing mouse gestures.

Download IdeaMouseGestures


TabReorder plugin allows to reorder editor tabs using mouse (drag and drop) or keyboard shortcuts.
- Control+Alt+Shift+Left to move tab left;
- Control+Alt+Shift+Right to move tab right;
- Control+Alt+Shift+Up to make tab first;
- Control+Alt+Shift+Down to make tab last;
- Control+Alt+Shift+A to sort tabs alphabetically;
- Control+Alt+Shift+R to sort tabs reverse alphabetically.
It also adds appropriate points to the editor tab's popup menu.

Download TabReorder


UndoCloseFile plugin allows to undo closing edited files.
Control+Alt+Z - undo file close.
It also adds appropriate point to the editor tab's popup menu.

Download UndoCloseFile

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