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Our services span a wide range of offerings from analysis and design to deployment and support. Smardec delivers cost effective solutions with the highest level of quality.

Offshore software development
Outsourcing work to offshore development centers has become the norm of the day. A comprehensive software development process is a time-consuming work. You don't need to dedicate your valuable expensive human resources to carry it out. You could outsource the process to the company that has skilled personnel ready to do that job at a fraction of your possible development costs. Smardec creates measurable benefits of offshore software services basing on optimal technological solutions and high quality of offshore software development.

System analysis, architecture and design
We can analyse your business requirements, in co-ordination with you, design applications that will suit your purpose. And even suggest changes in process that will help automate your business better. Our consultants can develop your project specification and ensure that your goals and budgets are met. We begin every planning project with a thorough needs assessment. This effort provides us with an overview of your business, industry, and project, and enables us to deliver a set of well-reasoned, goal-oriented recommendations. During planning, we will work with you and your staff to refine and further detail the project on all levels. The final deliverable will be a comprehensive project specification that will help you reduce development time and cost for the remainder of the project and beyond.

Custom software development
We recognize that in the information age, a large contributing factor to the success of companies is their software. As such, we develop custom software for companies that are serious about competing and getting ahead. When developing custom software for our clients, we place a lot of emphasis on architecture and design so that the software we develop is going to be efficient, scalable, fault tolerant, and easy to maintain and evolve.

Distributed applications development
There is no doubt that there is great demand for large-scale distributed applications. Indeed, tremendously expensive special-purpose distributed systems have been deployed and today are used extensively in the banking, airline, and telecommunication industries. The major barrier to supporting these, and even richer, applications on the Internet is the difficulty of designing, building, testing, and maintaining distributed applications using the tools that comprise the state-of-the-art today. We will guide the project from analysis and design to deployment and support.

Enterprise applications development
Smardec works with enterprise clients to define the best technologies to support custom business processes. Our extensive experience enables us to develop custom solutions to real business problems. Smardec works with the clients to understand the needs, recommend the technologies, implement the solution, and support it.

Project recovery
Do you have a project sitting frustratingly unfinished? As the economy changes, companies that cannot deliver what they pledge are quickly going out of business, to the aggravation of many of their clients. Left by the wayside are many promises and unfinished undertakings. We are experienced at picking up the pieces and resurrecting projects from the dead.

Application performance optimization
With the recent barrage of new technologies, there are very few documented best practices to guide developers to what works and what doesn't. As a result, many applications get developed using the latest and greatest technologies only to find that their performance is unacceptable. We can solve application performance problems. We have years of experience optimizing applications so that they scale to thousands of concurrent users and provide very short response times.

Quality assurance
All softwares require an enormous amount of testing, and customers today dictate that you must test your product in the maximum number of scenarios before they use it. To do this, is an expensive affair, considering the number of platforms available in the market today. Plus, it involves having large resources of manpower and hardware to test your product. At Smardec, we can build test labs for you in a more cost-effective manner to perform regular tests of your products.

All softwares need to be documented, and every document needs to adhere to certain guidelines. Smardec offers documentation services that can help you build, maintain and manage your product documentation and literature. Our copywriters and proofreading processes will ensure that you get quality documentation.

Design services
Our designers will create a stylish, cutted-edge graphics. Any company should have unique identity items. Your logo, business card and some other corporate ID items such as corporate folders, letterheads and envelopes should be well-recognized by the web audience for your customers could remember you and return again and again. Smardec will show the image of your company to the best advantage. Web design services of any orientation applied to your web site will interest your customers more in your products and services.

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